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Toxicology Panels

Compliance-based medication monitoring program ensures the safety of your patients, your practice, and your community by testing for drugs.

We use state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS technology to detect the most common prescription and illegal drugs, as well as their metabolites. As part of our testing procedures, we use some of the most sophisticated detection methods that can detect the smallest amounts of illegal substances.​

Several drugs, including metabolites, can also be found in a person's saliva or oral fluid in addition to urine. In some cases, drug and metabolite detection in saliva is the best answer for people who are unable to urinate enough, such as someone receiving dialysis treatment or who cannot urinate enough. In addition, where urine adulteration is a concern, obtaining an oral fluid sample is a witnessed procedure.

​​Contact us today for toxicology, LCMS confirmation, and screening chemistry services.

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