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COVID-19 Test Sites (Click to Schedule) 

The test sites collect samples to be tested for diagnostic purposes. The purpose of this test is to detect active COVID-19 infection.

  • Samples are collected by means of Anterior Nare ( The Nose). Using this method, patients are not exposed to any invasive procedures and are not uncomfortable.

  • Patients under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian when coming for testing.

  • Your group can schedule and register at the same time.

  • Schedules are updated in real-time. The schedule may not load unless you click the button to open it in a new window.

  • When booking a test site, be sure to note it.

  • Our partnership with Sonora Quest Labs and Lab Corp which allows us to offer an average turnaround time of 24 hours on test results.

  • We are working to open more test sites. If you have a location available please email us at EMAIL:

  • Drive-through testing does not require an Tele-med visit  or doctor's order .